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Oliver Redfern

About Oliver Redfurn
Since 1999, interior design has been not only my profession, but my passion. The sense of opportunity
when you first walk into a space; working with the client to develop concepts that will give their property
that individualism; then the gradual realisation of the vision, down to the smallest details which ensure the
perfect impact.

Much of my career has been working with the hospitality industry, from boutique hotels to golfing villas and
highland lodges. In such diverse settings, my approach to design comes into its own. Rather than having a
signature style, I like to take cues from the architectural period of the property I’m working on and the
people who will use the space, then create an enduring interior tailored to the client’s tastes and the
property’s needs and function.

Drawing on the commercial skills I acquired as design service manager at one of the UK’s largest interiors
companies, I manage every project actively and professionally. That reflects my ethos that design is an
organic process, often developing as things take shape on site, dealing with challenges as they occur and
working with the team of contractors involved in realising the vision.

That personal involvement is why so many of my clients keep coming back for additional projects. They
know that they don’t just get a design, but also a dedication to making it happen.

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